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Take Profit Order

A "Take Profit Order" is a type of pending order used in forex trading to automatically close a position at a predetermined profit level. When a trader enters a take profit order, they specify the price at which they wish to exit the market to secure their profits.

Key Features:

  • Profit Target: The take profit order allows traders to set a specific price level at which they want to realize profits on a trade. It is placed above the entry price for long positions and below the entry price for short positions.
  • Automated Execution: Once the market reaches the specified price level, the take profit order is automatically executed, closing the position and locking in the profits. This automation eliminates the need for the trader to monitor the market constantly.
  • Risk Management: Take profit orders are essential tools for risk management, allowing traders to define their profit targets and adhere to their trading plans. By setting take profit levels, traders can ensure that winning trades are closed at the desired profit level before market conditions change.
  • Flexibility: Take profit orders can be adjusted or cancelled at any time before they are triggered. Traders may choose to move the take profit level as the market evolves or to close the position manually if market conditions no longer support their original profit target.
  • Strategy Implementation: Take profit orders are commonly used in conjunction with stop-loss orders to form a complete risk management strategy. By setting both take profit and stop-loss levels, traders can calculate their risk-reward ratio and determine whether a trade meets their criteria for profitability.


Suppose a trader enters a long position on EUR/USD at 1.2000 and expects the price to rise to 1.2100. To lock in profits, the trader sets a take profit order at 1.2100. If the market reaches this level, the take profit order is triggered, and the position is automatically closed, realizing the desired profit.

In summary, take profit orders are valuable tools for forex traders to manage their trades effectively, secure profits, and maintain discipline in their trading strategies.