Cost calculation tool

Currency Value Calculator

The cost calculator can be used to calculate the quarterly charges of every instrument we offer, customised to your trading. Before using the cost calculator above, please go through the following example to assist in correctly filling the required fields.


You have deposited 10,000 Euro and selected your account currency to be Euro, You usually open 1 lot of EURUSD, you keep your position open on average for 1 day and trade on average 5 times per quarter.

Note: In case your currency account is different than the currency in which you deposited funds please enter the investment amount converted in you account currency.

You will fill in the fields as follows:

  • Enter Your Investment Amount: 10,000
  • Account Currency: EUR
  • Select CFD instrument: EURUSD
  • Trade size (In units): 100,000
  • How many times will you be trading per quarter: 5
  • How many days your position will remain open: 1
  • Select type of order: To calculate the cost of going Long chose “Buy/Long”, to calculate the cost of going Short choose “Sell/Short”
  • To get the final result click on “Calculate”