Crude Oil futures

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Crude Oil futures chart

Past performance is not a guarantee or prediction of future performance.

Here at FxPro, we’re delighted to offer our clients the opportunity to trade CFDs on Crude Oil Futures. Light Sweet Crude Oil (WTI) futures are traded on the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange), which recently entered the CME Group. This futures contract is the most actively traded oil contract in the world. WTI means the West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil. This brand is used to the production of gasoline, diesel and other common types of fuel and therefore is subject to consistently high demand, primarily in the receiving country – the United States. Actually, futures is a standardized forward contract to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price at a specified time, known as an expiration date. If you want to diversify your trader’s portfolio invested in non-correlated asset class, take a closer look at the price fluctuations of the Crude Oil Futures.

On this page, you can take a look at the live chart to make your own responsible decision to buy or to sell this Contract for Difference (CFD) through the FxPro trading platforms. To start trading, open your FxPro Direct account by clicking the “Register” button at the top of this page. Several convenient top-up methods with 0% commissions are available.

Trading Conditions

Instant execution
Instant execution
Market Execution
MT4Floating spreads
Minimum: 0.039Average: 0.062
Minimum Price Fluctuation0.001
1 lot size1,000 Barrels
1 tick value1 USD
Minimum contract size0.01 lot
Minimum step for increasing contract size0.01 lot
Used margin per 1 lot **1.00%
Margin requirements to open a lock position *0
Limit and Stop Levelspread

Crude Oil Futures Calendar

MonthTickerStart TradingTrading only for closing positionsExpiration date
January 2020#USOil_F2018/11/201917/12/201919/12/2019
February 2020#USOil_G2017/12/201917/01/202021/01/2020
March 2020#USOil_H2017/01/202018/02/202020/02/2020
April 2020#USOil_J2018/02/202018/03/202020/03/2020
May 2020#USOil_K2018/03/202017/04/202021/04/2020
June 2020#USOil_M2017/04/202015/05/202019/05/2020
July 2020#USOil_N2015/05/202018/06/202022/06/2020
August 2020#USOil_Q2018/06/202017/07/202021/07/2020
September 2020#USOil_U2017/07/202018/08/202020/08/2020
October 2020#USOil_V2018/08/202018/09/202022/09/2020
November 2020#USOil_X2018/09/202016/10/202020/10/2020
December 2020#USOil_Z2016/10/202018/11/202020/11/2020
January 2021#USOil_F2118/11/202017/12/202021/12/2020
February 2021#USOil_G2117/12/202015/01/202120/01/2021
March 2021#USOil_H2115/01/202118/02/202122/02/2021
April 2021#USOil_J2118/02/202118/03/202122/03/2021
May 2021#USOil_K2118/03/202116/04/202120/04/2021
June 2021#USOil_M2116/04/202118/05/202120/05/2021
July 2021#USOil_N2118/05/202118/06/202122/06/2021
August 2021#USOil_Q2118/06/202116/07/202120/07/2021
September 2021#USOil_U2116/07/202118/08/202120/08/2021
October 2021#USOil_V2118/08/202117/09/202121/09/2021
November 2021#USOil_X2117/09/202115/10/202119/10/2021
December 2021#USOil_Z2115/10/202117/11/202119/11/2021
Trading time (UK time) Sunday - Friday: 11:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Closes daily between (10:00 PM - 11:00 PM UK Time)
Closing Time of a Contract At Expiration Date:07:30 PM UK Time

* Only if Margin Level > 100%

** Margin applies for volumes up to 50 lots. Please refer to Futures Leverage Information for larger volumes