Trading Conditions

Market Execution
Market Execution
MT5Floating spreads
Minimum: 5.00Average: 5.33
Market Hours*Closed Now
Market Hours*Closed Now
Limit and Stop Level5
1 tick value per share0.01 USD
Minimum contract size20 share
Minimum Price Fluctuation0.01 USD
Minimum step for increasing contract size0.01 share
Margin requirements to open a lock position *0
Maximum Trade Size1000
Maximum exposure per share per account, USD100 000

* Only if Margin Level > 100%

The average spreads provided for each platform are updated on a daily basis to reflect the average for the previous day. Though FxPro attempts to provide competitive spreads during all trading hours, clients should note that these may vary and are susceptible to underlying market conditions. The above is provided for indicative purposes only. Clients are advised to check important news announcements on our Economic Calendar, which may result in the widening of spreads, amongst other instances.

The above spreads are applicable under normal trading conditions. FxPro has the right to amend the above spreads according to market conditions as per the 'Terms and Conditions of Business'.

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Xpeng Inc is a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer that uses a combination of radars and cameras to assist drivers on the road. The lidar system uses laser light to create three-dimensional space, measuring the distance between objects and the time it takes to reflect light.

On August 27th, 2020, XPEV.N raised $1.5 billion in an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange, where its shares rose more than 40% on the first day of trading. In March 2021, the company received funding of $76.9 million from Guangdong Yuecai Investment Holdings Co.

As of May 2021, 12% of the company is owned by the Alibaba Group.

Xpeng Inc is one of those companies that have been constantly discussed by traders lately. If you are looking for an online price chart, it is located at the top of the page and is updated in real-time. However, it is always best to check for accurate quotes on your trading platform.

Thanks to the CFD (Contract for Difference) format, you can not only buy, but also sell shares of this company. In order to make a right trading decision, take a look at the online quote chart located on this page. Please note that you will find the most accurate prices on the trading platforms.

If you are taking your first steps on the stock market, we recommend completing a few lessons from our free education, which is available on the FxPro website. Also, look out for updates to the Dividend Calendar, Economic Calendar, and Market Holidays Calendar. This information can be useful in your trading process. For any questions, you can always contact our support team.

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